No 160 Beijing Middle Road, Jinfeng District,
750002 China

Neighbourhood: Jinfeng

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The Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan, the first European luxury international hotel in Yinchuan, is located in the heart of Yinchuan city in the Jinfeng District. The hotel is located only 30 minutes from the Hedong airport and is across from the International Conference & Exhibition Center, Museum of Ningxia, Science & Technology Museum and the People’s Square. Yinchuan offers a multitude of recreational opportunities. Yinchuan Huanghe Golf Club offers an 18 hole golf course and for historical buffs there are the ancient Xia Tombs.

The Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan offers extensive conference facilities for meetings, special events and weddings including outstanding dining options invite you with the international and Asian culinary delicacies. This European style and designed 409 rooms making the Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan the idea place for both business and leisure travelers.

The Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan offers a superior food and beverage experience where east and west unite. Culinary possibilities are endless with the ever popular Paulaner Brauhuas. The Paulaner is an international symbol for the very best beer specialties and of the unique Munich lifestyle. The Café Berlin prepares the freshest and a-la minute dishes from Asia and around the world. The Chinese Restaurant is a buzzworthy destination welcoming all guests and excelling in the art of Sichuan, Cantonese, Shandong and Huaiyang cuisine. The Kempi Deli encompasses the classical standards of an excellent delicatessen devoted to time honored tradition and authenticity with wit and creativity and the Lobby Lounge focuses on the classical standards. The Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan is the trendsetter featuring new and old traditions.

Discover Spa & Wellness an “Oasis of tranquility”. Be pampered at Kempinski “The Spa” where we take the spa culture to a whole new level. Escape the hectic pace and indulge in an exclusive program of wellness, health and beauty treatments that is tailored to your needs. A unique awakening of the senses with innovative treatments to purify, revitalize and energize your body. Heated indoor 20 m pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and state of the art fitness center.

All our meeting rooms are located on the 2nd level of the hotel making for easier access. A large or small gathering, wedding reception, product launch, gala dinner or press conference. Each venue represents new and modern comforts. Each event receives the same thorough attention. Each guest enjoys consistent service. A range of venues is available from our Grand Ballroom to outdoor catering, whatever the occasion calls for. Our staff will make sure your meeting or wedding banquet is a special experience. We put a lot of attention to every detail when we organize and manage your events.

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A time to discover………….. 

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is located in Northwest China, on the Loess Plateau, with the Yellow River flowing through a vast area of its land. The recognized tribes of China, and its capital is Yinchuan. It is bounded by Shanxi to the east, Gansu in the south and Inner Mongolia to the north. The region has an area of 66.400 square kilometers and has a continental climate with an average temperatures between 5℃-9℃.

Ningxia has the largest gathering of Hui ethnic people in China, followed by 35 other tribal races such as the Han, Man, Tibetan, Mongolian, North Korean and Dong Xiang etc., Out of a total population of over six million people for the region, the Hui tribe occupies a total of about 206,000 in number.

Fascinating cityscape, landmarks and endless sights to explore. The Western Xia Tombs, Qin Great Wall, The Hollywood of China “Zhenbeipu” Film Studio, Sand Lake, Mountain Trekking and River Rafting, Helan Mountain Rock Paintings, The Yellow River 18 hole Golf Course………….or explore the old city in Yinchuan and discover hotspots and hidden gems.

Ningxia, China, is a miraculous place full of life and vitality.

In Ningxia, you can not only enjoy enchanting and beautiful scenery of the lakes and rivers of south China ,but also the magnificent landscape in northern frontier.

The time –honored civilization of the Yellow River, the mysterious Western Xia culture, the rich Hui customs and vigorous scenery of the gobi desert enhance each others’ beauty, The scenery here is so elegant and brilliant that you may want to stay.

While in Ningxia, you would see and appreciate the flavor of the times and share with us the rich fruits of mutual development. Upon knowing Ningxia, you could not refrain from being interested in this area, and surely you would focus your attention on this piece of land.

Zhenbeipu Western film Studio
Located about 35 kilometers to the west of Yinchuan are the old relics of the guarding walls of the Ming Dynasty. It has been carefully preserved in terms of the wild and rugged nature of the old days suitable for filming of specific TV dramas and films. 

Mausoleum of Xixia Kingdom
About 45 kilometers to the west of Yinchuan and towards the eastern slopes of the Helan Mountain is the Mausoleum of Xixia Kingdom. This is the royal tomb yards of the Xixia dynasty. There are 9 orderly tomb structures in an area of 53 square kilometers. This area has been called the “Pyramids of the East”. 

Rock Arts of Mt.Helan
One can expect to find more than 4000rock cave drawings in the eastern slopes of the Mt. Helan, about 56 kilometers from Yinchuan.

Sand Lake
Located on the eastern slope of Mt. Helan and is 42kilometers to the north of  Yinchuan, What is famed about here is the presence of the color of the lake;the reeds; the sand hills and the varieties of birds and fishes found.

If you have never seen the amounts of sands before, come to Shapotou. This land presents a combination of sand dunes, the yellow river, high mountains and oasis's. 

Local Delicacies & Local Specialties
Licorice, Wolfberry, Helan Stone,Second Fur, Hair weeds

Ningxia Travel Considerations
1. Sunlight intensity in Ningxia and big difference of the temperature between day and night, visitors should prepare according to their own health conditions by bringing enough warm clothing,a water bottle, sunglasses, sun hats and shin care products.
2. Avoid eating animals such as pigs, dogs, mule meat and animal blood in the Muslim minority Areas.
3. Smoking, alcohol consumption and photo taking are prohibited on religious grounds.
4. It is a taboo to talk about pigs in the company of Muslim.;