NO. 419 Shaoshan Middle Road, Yuhua District,
410007 China

Neighbourhood: Yuhua

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Kempinski Hotel Changsha is located in commercial Shaoshan Middle Road and in the central of Yuhua CBD circle hinterland.  It is only 10 minutes from the train station, 20 minutes and 40 minutes from Wuguang High-speed Railway Station and Huanghua International Airport respectively.

The hotel has 408 guest rooms and suites to make each guest ultimate honor and comfort.  Each guest room carries on the exquisite technology from Germany and compromises the functional merits and luxury senses perfectly. The three theme restaurants let your tongue to experience the wonderful journey of traveling around the world. You can not only enjoy sumptuous buffet food in Elements Restaurant, but can also move to Qi Shun Chinese Restaurant to taste unique Hunan cuisine, or spoil yourself with fresh brewed beer and authentic Bavarian delicacies with your family and friends in Paulaner Brauhaus.

The Internatinal conference Center including one column free grand ballroom with 2,100 square meters with 8 meters tall, 8 multi-function meeting rooms and 1 luxury VIP rooms which can accomodate 1,200 guests for meetings or celebrations. Whether it is a small private party, or large flow wedding or high-end conference, will let your events become the world's significant activities.

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Yuelu Academy: Yuelu Academy located in Yuelu Moutain and is one of the four famous academies in China, and it was established by Zhudong, magistrate of Tanzhou prefecture in 976A.D at the time of Northern Song Dynasty.  The academy accepted disciples throughout the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.  It was only in 1903 that the academy was transformed from a school of traditional Confucian learning to an institute of higher learning and in 1926 it was officially name Human University.

The Orange Isle Park: The Orange Isle Park is a central island of Xiangjiang River with the length of 5km.  It is famous scenic resort of Hunan since ancient time.  Mao Zengdong showed special preference to it and once wrote lines in "tune of Qinyuanchun" - Alone I stand in the autumn cold on the tip of Orange Island.

Tianxin Pavilion: Tianxin Pavilion is located at the central of Changsha city.  It is historically konwn as "Ancient Pavilion of Xiaoxiang" from Ming Dynasty.