King Fahad Road,
13315-2174 Saudi Arabia

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By blending the Arabian values of hospitality and warmth with Kempinski management expertise and our remarkable European flair, we will raise luxury to new heights in Riyadh. Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski will encompass 349 rooms and suites within inspired, tasteful and stylish modern Najdi architecture where guests will experience the meaning of true elegance and refined service at its highest levels.Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski is a luxurious vivid symbol of hospitality at its finest, a lavish five-star property inviting guests to experience a unique taste of luxury, flavored prominently with Arabic hospitality combined with European elegance.

A peaceful oasis amidst a dynamic city - Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski offers a wide range of exclusive services. These begin with an exquisite variety of dining experiences in exceptional restaurants, and go on to include exclusively distinguished lounges, a classic European spa, barber shop, fitness centre and two exclusive separate swimming pools for men and women. A stylish sense of comfort pervades the 237 luxurious guest rooms and 112 extravagant suites at Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski. To engrave our guests’ precious moments with an everlasting memory, our grand ballroom is eloquently designed to host special occasions. In addition to various leisure facilities, spacious tennis and squash courts are featured on our premises, with a play area designed for the well being and safety of our youngest guests.

Every possible convenience has been introduced in all of the hotel’s rooms and suites, including air conditioning, floor-to-ceiling views of Riyadh, smart LED TVs, DVDs, mini-bars, telephones, writing desks and high-speed Internet access. Additionally, each room has a smoke detector and sprinkler. The large marble bathrooms feature a separate toilet, a shower and a bath, and are equipped with bathrobes. Smoking and non-smoking floors are available too.

Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski offers a variety of dining experiences from The Grand restaurant to the magnificent and one-of-a-kind Ottoman restaurant Tugra, as well as Skylight, El Capitolio Cigar Lounge and Le Bijou Café and Terrace. At Kempinski, we have mastered the art of luxury and realise the genuine value of legacy and originality. This helps us to bring forth the finest traits and create an oasis of royalty, wherein each and every guest enjoys a distinctive experience.

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A haven for the intrepid explorer and leisure seeker, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is bountiful in archeological grandeur, colourful history, and natural beauty. Like nowhere else in the world, this country stands out with its harmony of “Old World” charm, Arabian hospitality, and unmatched modernity. 

1-Musmuk is a clay and mud-brick fort, with four watchtowers and thick walls, founded on stone blocks, lying in the center of Riyadh, in the old quarters. This building played a major part in the kingdom's history, as it was here that the recapture of Riyadh, led by Ibn Saud, occurred on 14 January 1902                                                      

2- Inside the National Museum, Riyadh, you can find a captivating display of Saudi Arabia's culture in past and present forms. There are different types of antiques, manuscripts, documents and display boards that showcase an erstwhile era and display boards that showcase an erstwhile era. 

3-  Mda'en Saleh(Al-Hijr) dates back to the Nabataeans Civilization considered as one of the very important archaeological site in Saudi Arabia that is called "The Capital of the Monuments" as it contains huge amount of diverse and multifaceted monuments.Inscriptions engraved on rocks, facades of graves and mountains to the existence of civilizations that had prevailed and fallen in the area where architecture and sculpture flourished. Every grave facet represents a cemetery for one family.The levels of these graves vary depending on the level of social and financial status of its owners. Because of the proper climate and natural conditions in adaptation to   the availability of fresh water in the area, people settled there.  

4- Riyadh National Zoo: In the heart of Malaz in Riyadh, is an easily accessible travel location for those visiting the city of Riyadh. At the beautifully spread out landscape and marvelously set terrains, this zoological park has an area of 55 acres and consists of more than 1500 animals in 40 species that let ones good amount of time to be spent in an animal world. The zoo was opened in the year 1987. The park is located in the Malaz area, east of Al-Ahsa Street and North Street Musab bin Amir.

5-King Abdul Aziz Military Museum:  Situated on the Salboukh Road in the capital city of Riyadh, King Abdul Aziz Military Museum is a popular tourist destination, which preserves the historical remains of Riyadh. The museum traces the growth of the Saudi Arabian Forces from its initial days displaying a wide range of military equipment and war weapons like rifle, guns, carriages and other military equipment. 

6- Riyadh Museum of History and Archaelogy: Riyadh Museum of History and Archaeology is located to the west of Al-Bathaa and provides a complete insight into the history, art and culture of Saudi Arabia. One of the most popular and major tourist destination sites, the museum is exceptionally remarkable for an educational tour. 

7- Al Murabba’a Palace: The Al Murabba’a Palace in Riyadh, one of the most interesting buildings serves as a vital epitome of Saudi Arabian history and rich cultural past. Built in early 1900s by orders from King Abdulaziz as his private accommodation, and now made a part of Abdulaziz Darat Property, is an interesting place for students and enthusiasts to have a glimpse of the life of Arabian royalty in its heydays.

8- City of Old Dariyah: Considered to be one of the most alluring attractions in Saudi Arabia, is an ancient city of major historical significance. The ruins of the City of Old Diriyah owe their dignity to the enriched historical past, which also accounts for its immense worldwide popularity.                                       


The Kingdom of Nabataeans with its capital Petra in Jordan expanded to dominate Madain Saleh, which reach during that period, the peak of civility and civilization. They innovated in carving stones, drilling wells in the rocks, digging rainwater tanks and carving places of worship in the rocks. Studies shows that Madain Saleh governed by the Nabataeans, then by the Romanians who dominated the north Arabian Peninsula in 106 AD and changed the trade route between the south and north of Arabian Peninsula to the Red Sea, which made Madain Saleh lose its strategic importance in terms of trade and taxation collected from transit convoys.