The Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy,
Mathew's Forest,
P. O. Box 277703-00506 Kenya


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Kitich camp is an idyllic hideaway and an authentic ‘bush camp’, offering its guests a private and unique forest wildlife experience like no other in Africa. The camp nestles in a verdant grove of fig trees, indigenous flowering shrubs and prehistoric cycad palms, on the bank of the Ngeng River.

The accommodation at Kitich Camp comprises of six large semi-permanent tents,furnished in a classic luxurious safari style with an open stone walled bathroom.

  • Dining
  • Safari
  • Wifi


Dubbed a ‘biological bonanza’ by the BBC, this mountain forest is a stronghold for a wide range of species from many different habitats. Wild animals such as melanistic leopard (also known as the black panther), elephant, lion, buffalo, Colobus monkey, greater kudu, waterbuck, warthog, bushpig, giant forest hogs and Africa’s endangered wild dog have found refuge deep in the lush forests and fertile valleys of the Mathews Range. Over 350 bird species have been counted in the area, together with more than 150 species of butterflies, representing more than twice the amount of butterfly species found in the UK.