Medjumbe Island,
Quirimbas Archipelago,

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Experience romantic barefoot luxury on a secluded African island. Idyllically located on a tiny private island in the jewel-like Quirimbas Archipelago, Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort offers a paradise escape that is naturally exclusive. Feel soft powdery sands sifting through your toes as you stroll along a pristine beach lapped by the turquoise Indian Ocean. Drift from a lazy morning by the pool to refresh in the waves, before retreating to Anantara Spa’s intimate beachfront villa to indulge in uniquely sensual therapies. Savour tastes of island life with tantalising local cuisine and seafood plucked fresh from the ocean, or succumb to the finest world flavours, served with extraordinary ocean views.

Beyond the dazzling view, the waters surrounding Medjumbe Island offer an oceanic playground for a wide range of water sports, whale watching boat trips, intimate cruises and remote island picnics. While some of the world’s most undiscovered and impressive coral reefs promise surreal underwater diving adventures. Discover breathtaking serenity, far removed from worldly cares, where total tranquility is assured at an adults-only hideaway that is perfect for romance, special celebrations, a dream honeymoon or unforgettable anniversary.

Kindly note that the resort is not appropriate for children under the age of 16 years, unless guests pay for exclusive use of the entire resort.

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A paradise for romantic escapades, ocean thrills and natural treasures both above and below the water, the startling beauty of the Quirimbas Archipelago comes with a sense of extraordinary adventure.

Resort Activities
Ease into a day of sunbathing - a refreshing beverage in hand and the cool waters of the oceanfront pool only a step away. Dip into a different kind of day with a wide range of water sports to suit every mood and passion. Set sail for adventure, cruising alongside majestic whales or towards a hypnotic sunset.

Loft Lounge
Ascend to our rooftop lounge to snuggle into a sofa or armchair and read a good book from the library. Enjoy an afternoon tea, play games or simply relax as you gaze over the sweeping bay and glorious Indian Ocean.

Swimming Pool
Take a refreshing dip, float about to your heart’s content and swim energising laps in between sunbathing and reading in the shade. Relax into blissful pool time, in a tranquil setting overlooking the azure Indian Ocean.

Bird Watching
Our naturally secluded island of lush tropical landscapes and tidal pools is an ornithologist’s delight for spotting rare bird species, a vast range of Palaeartctic migrants and a variety of waders.

Whale Watching (July to October)
Humpback whales from the Antarctic migrate to the warm tropical waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago between July and October to give birth to their calves, and a few months later these young whales make the long journey back to their Antarctic feeding grounds. Embark on an inspirational boat trip to be greeted by whales swimming peacefully alongside, watching these majestic creatures arching gracefully over the waves.

Sunset Cruise
Set sail aboard our hand crafted dhow sailing boat for a voyage of ocean discovery at the most romantic time of day. As the ocean wind billows the crisp white lateen sails, cruise around the tranquil waters that surround Medjumbe. See our idyllic island from a unique perspective and marvel as a mesmerising sunset unfolds. Making this cruise even more indulgent, tailored beverages and canapés can be requested for you to savour in a world of your own.

Water Sports
The Quirimbas Archipelago is the perfect place to try a wide range of water sports. Snorkel in a captivating underwater world and go deep sea fishing for prize catches. Water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard and go tubing at exhilarating speed. Glide at a serene pace in a kayak or on a stand up paddle board. Sailing enthusiasts can enjoy Hobie cat excursions.

While the tidal sand banks surrounding the island and constant trade winds provide excellent conditions for kite surfing. Guests who are already qualified can catch the wind and skim the waves alone, and those who are new to this exciting ocean sport or wish to enhance their skills, can sign up for Discovery, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses with the resort’s professional instructor.

Scuba Diving
The clear waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago are warm year round, ranging from 25 - 29 degrees Celsius, with an average visibility of 20 metres reaching as far as 50 metres in summer, creating ideal scuba diving conditions. Explore dazzling reefs that are only accessible from our island, and as we only take out small groups of divers, these reefs remain pristine and healthy for future generations to enjoy. A range of scuba courses cater for beginners and qualified divers looking to take their skills to the next level. While certified divers can book excursions to experience some of the best coral life in the world, with a series of incredible dive sites all within a 15 minute boat ride of our resort.

Discover Sambi Sambi’s large coral mount, which rises to a depth of 3 - 5 metres at the pinnacle and features a 12-metre plateau with sides sloping steeply into the depths of the ocean where large hard coral formations are found, along with large schools of fish, the occasional turtle, as well as small kingfish and dogtooth tuna brought in by the incoming tide. Neptune’s Nursery is a large flat coral reef system made up of finger corals, large table corals and a diversity of reef creatures, including smaller macro marine life such a nudibranches and shrimps, accompanied by plentiful blue spotted stingrays and camouflaged crocodile fish for divers with keen eyes. Large and flat, Brereton’s Reef is home to small coral bommies covered in small fish species such as anthias or goldies, as well as a number of blue spotted stingrays.

Most impressive of all, the Edge of Reason features a 15 metre shelf leading to a sheer vertical cliff dropping off into the depths of an abyss. This stunning wall dive is covered in huge gorgonian fans and features small caves. Admire a huge school of giant sweetlips who hang motionless as you swim by, as well as groupers that are sometimes larger than the divers, green turtles, honeycomb and giant morays, ribbon eels, longnose hawkfish and leaf fish.

Area Excursions
With our secluded hideaway coaxing you into the tranquil rhythm of island life, you may find it hard to tear yourself away from heavenly relaxation. Enticing you to hop from one kind of paradise to another, our Robinson Crusoe style escape comes with the temptation of a gorgeous picnic on the idyllic island of Quissanga.
Picnic on Quissanga Island

Just a 15 minute boat journey away, Quissanga Island offers a seductive escape that is yours to treasure in blissful privacy. Chat over the culinary options with Chef, choosing between tasty salad creations, gourmet canapés and barbeque delights, paired with a selection of beverages. Savour your picnic on a rug laid out with cushions and a low table. Relax afterwards, drinking in the tranquil ocean panorama. Enjoy a stroll around your tiny private island, followed perhaps by a cool swim and a spot of snorkelling, feeling fully refreshed before the journey back to the resort.