Al Jabal Al Akhdar,
621 Oman

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A rare jewel in the rocky contours of the Saiq Plateau on Oman’s fabled Green Mountain, our unique retreat perches 2,000 metres above sea level on the curving rim of a great canyon. Elevated in both location and authentic luxury, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar is the highest five star resort in the Middle East and amongst the highest in the world.

Elegant architecture reflects the mountainous surrounds and Oman’s artistic culture. Contemporary design motifs depict the region’s ancient forts. Experience how indigenous elements blend seamlessly with world class accommodation and facilities. Hide away in a private villa with a temperature-controlled pool, or our prestigious three bedroom villa - the most luxurious in the country. A striking infinity pool with a belvedere offers an illustrious setting for relaxation. Anantara Spa’s luxuriant hammam pampers with Arabian cleansing rituals, and helps you find your natural flow in hot yoga.

Let us satisfy you with the finest world flavours and traditional tastes from across the region. Go Italian for lunch beside the pool. Savour Arabic specialties in a fort tower, or learn how to cook them in a master chef class. Pair exotic beverages with tapas in a Moroccan lounge. Enjoy our lively courtyard market at night, and shisha as you star gaze. An iconic setting for private dining, our canyon platform is named after Princess Diana, who once graced this glorious site.

A mild climate is ideal for explorers, and promises a pleasant summer escape. Mountainous terrain provides diverse biking journeys. Glimpse into rural village life and Damask rose water traditions. Discover towering forts and timeless souks in the ancient city of Nizwa - renowned for centuries as the ‘Pearl of Islam’.

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort is a two hour drive from Muscat International Airport, and four and a half hours from Dubai. Please note that as per government regulations, a four wheel drive vehicle is required to access Al Jabal Al Akhdar Mountain. We are pleased to offer chauffer driven four wheel drive vehicles between the base of the mountain and the resort, which takes 35 minutes each way. For prices and to reserve this service please contact tel +968 2521 8000 or email gsc.aaja@anantara.com

Please note that there is a compulsory New Year’s Eve Dinner on 31 December 2018 for all resort guests booked over this date. The dinner is priced at OMR 140 per adult, and OMR 70 per child aged 5-12 years. This price is inclusive of 8% service charge and 4% tax.

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 Spectacularly secluded in the Al Hajar mountain range, Anantara Al Jabal Akhdar Resort beckons the inquisitive traveller with an array of inspirational mountain journeys, immersing you into the unique mountainside culture, history and adventure.  Join us as we invite you to climb to cooler climes.

Having grown up in the nearby villages, our Mountain Gurus have an unsurpassed knowledge of the area, giving guests an authentic taste of local life and putting travellers in touch with the surrounding culture, history and landscape.


Signature Hikes


This guided hiking trail begins with a view of Hail Yemen village, a 10-minute drive from the resort. The trail passes military bunkers dating back to 1956 during the war between Oman and Britain.

As you make your way to the waterfall you will find fossils, wild donkeys, goats and a variety of indigenous plants. This wadi has flowing water all year round, with several waterfalls leading you to a natural pool. Enjoy a refreshing swim and the rejuvenating sound of birds and flowing water. The perfect location for a picnic.

Your guide will prepare cardamom Omani coffee with delicious local dates.

As you hike up the mountain you will pass by “natures window”, a spectacular natural rock formation, and a 360-degree boulder terrace, a perfect spot for photo memories.


The hike begins from Sogra Village, a 30 minute drive from the resort. As you descend towards the wadi crossing a small man made dam, home to croaking frogs and dancing dragonflies, you pass several abandoned villages, of the Ashureq tribe as you hiking and climb over boulders of the Sogra Wadi. This wadi is approximately 3 metres deep in water during the winter and dry the rest of the year. This hike will bring you up to the Old Al Ma’awil Cave, with abandoned double storey houses.

Your guide will share the history of the cave, village and people. This wadi is alive with nature – singing birds and beetles, butterflies and wild black berry trees.


Wadi Al Bawaarid means ‘cold water’ in Arabic. A 20 minute drive from the resort to Siaq. Hike along a natural fossil staircase as you descend into a spectacular valley of natural caves, steep mountain slopes and rock formations. Hike along the wadi river bed to discover seasonal natural pools with frogs, small fish, dragonflies and swallows playfully gliding in the breeze.

Your guide will bring you to abandoned houses which are 100 years old and soldier grave sites post war.

A majestic cave offers cool shade next to seasonal natural pools. Picturesque mountain views are the ideal location for a day picnic.


Mountain Biking


Starting from the Resort this wonderful cycling experience, will bring you to breath taking views of the Hajah mountains from Al Ayn dam.  A short off-road cycle to Ash Shirayjah (seasonal) dam view the military exercise area, while passing wild olive and black berry trees.

Enjoy a scenic photo, view and rest point, the iconic 3 villages, Al Aqur, Al Ayn and Ash Shirayjah.

The venture continues to a British war plane site from 1956, the war between Oman and Britain. The aeroplane remains are revered as a sign of victory to Omani’s.

The cycle journey brings you an aerial view point of the oldest village in Al Jabal Al Akhdar - Siaq. With over 100 homes to locals, this thriving village is known for its Damask rose water distillery, Pomegranate, grapes, walnut and fig trees. Enjoy the rest point and amazing village view before returning to the resort.


Hail Yemen village is named after the original inhabitants from Yemen who migrated to Al Jabal Al Akhdar. Cycling from the resort through the main village, Sayh Qatanah, view modern Omani residential architecture infused with a village lifestyle, with roaming goats and crowing rosters. Pass through local mosques, supermarkets, schools and majlis (men’s meeting rooms).

This village cycling venture will bring you to an aerial view of Hail Yemen. Nestled in a valley, this village harvests seasonal pomegranates and grapes in June.


After a short car transfer with the bikes, easy on and off cycling to Bahla and Jabrin Castle. Riding through the labyrinths of the narrow roads to the city, passing by Bahla Fort or the Souk of potteries as a part of the UNESCO world heritage.


Cycling in and around Al Hamra, under the sun and palm trees, between the ancient buildings of 400-year-old villages. On and off road cycling with some humps.


After a car transfer with the bikes, we will be riding to and from the close by Tanuf Canyon, on mostly tarmac roads, inside the deep canyon, on very loose gravel roads with steep parts until Qashah village.


The ride begins after a 20-minute car transfer to the top of the paved mountain road and short sightseeing 2000 metres to both sides of the hill, with the view of Bilad Sayt and the hut, we carefully descend on a steep road with cooling stops and nearby villages. Not the speed that is the goal but the view.


Cultural Walks


Guided by an Omani Mountain Guru, discover the history and culture of 3 iconic villages: Al Aqr, Al Ayn and Ash Shirayjah.  These villages still use an ancient irrigation system called ‘falaj’ to maintain the cliff hanging terrace farms. Harvesting Damask roses, pomegranates, walnuts, pears, grapes, garlic and onions. Pass a medicinal distillery, majlas, mosques, abandoned and inhabited homes, narrow alleys and old wooden doors. Your guide will enrich you with historical information for each village with interesting details of the local people and culture.


Meet the village elder, Abudaullha, who has the oldest hand in traditional rose water making. His endless rose garden is a sight on its own. The Damask rose grows between the months of March until mid-May, however Abudaullha will welcome you into his distillery of tarnish silver bowls and fire clay oven. Explaining in Arabic the ancestral technique, your Mountain Guru will translate his story for you.

His family’s recipe of traditional rose water making is recognised by the Oman Heritage foundation. Rose water has many healing properties for the skin, hair and digestion. This amazing ‘Rose Potion’ is available for sale should you wish to take home a piece of the mountain. 


Starting from the new modern village, walk down to the old abandoned homes via a short meandering stone staircase leading to the base of the wadi. The old village was abandoned over 40 years ago due to challenges in bringing supplies, however this wadi has seasonal water allowing the local people to continue using and maintaining the hidden crops via the ‘falaj’ irrigation system.


Easy hiking on small trails through the oasis of Al Hamra including a museum visit and hike up the old routes up to the mountain village Misfat Al Abriyeen, Enjoy a traditional Omani lunch on the terrace of a traditional old house before the driver picks you up and brings you to modern Al Hamra.


Hiking on small trails, this tour leads you through two small canyons, a 400 year old mountain oasis village of Misfat Al Abriyeen where you can enjoy lunch during a long break. A short car transfer then takes you to Al Hamra where you will learn about the falaj irrigation system, an UNESCO World Heritage and visit the old town and museum.  Complete the tour with a car transfer up to THE VIEW.


Driving Tours and Excursions


Begin your sunset experience with the Anantara Sundown Ceremony in the Al Baha courtyard. Enjoy the enchanting sounds of the Omani drums and song with the lighting of the fire bowls. Thereafter embark on a 30-minute drive through steep roads passing the gardens of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Travelling off road and tackling rough terrain, this adventurous drive passes a 1000-year-old tree and wild donkeys. Your destination Jabal Al Sharaf, at 3300 metres above sea level is surrounded by awe-inspiring views of the Al Hajar Mountains. Once the sun is tucked away behind the rolling hills of the ‘Jabal’, a night drive back to the resort will offer mountain top views of the village night lights.


Begin your day inhaling the fresh air and feel the gentle breeze as the world awakes. Watch the first rays of the sun kiss the still mountainous range as you sip on freshly made Omani coffee and enjoy the 360° mountain top view of Izki and Al Jabal Al Akhdar villages.


Nizwa, second capital, is the birthplace of Islam in the Sultanate of Oman. Nizwa boasts one of the famous and most visited Forts in Oman, built in the 17th century, and its Souq renowned for its Friday cattle auction and bustling markets with fresh produce, intricately hand-carved Khanjars (daggers) and ornamental silver jewellery.  Jabreen, the finest of Oman’s castles built in the late 17th century, originally owned by Imams Bel’arab (previous ruler of the land of the time). The castle displays traditional ceiling paintings and beautifully executed woodcarvings and secret chambers.  Experience the 3000 old Bahla Fort which is under UNISECO heritage, the oldest fort in Oman.  Enjoy a visit to the pretty village of Birkat Al Mouz situated at the foothills of Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Green Mountain). Walk through its oasis, abandoned village and dense date plantations before your return to the resort.

Friday is a Holy day in the Islamic calendar, therefore the tour will start at 7 am to ensure you catch the Cattle market in action and experience Jabreen Castle before it closes at 12 noon.

Saturday to Thursday tours start at 8 am.  Nizwa Souq is open without the cattle market experience.


Enjoy a scenic hour drive to Jabal Shams, the highest peak in the Hajar Mountain range, 3900m above sea level for an aerial view of Oman’s Grand Canyon. A spectacular 90° drop, 1 km view down the canyon will leave you breathless. See locals selling handcrafts on route. Our second stop is at the Wadi Ghul to view the terrace farming village. Driving off road through Wadi Nakher, located in the depth of the canyon. Driving through oversized boulders at the base of the wadi. Wadi Nakher is home to the highest concentration of traditional carpet weavers in Oman. Meet with the Omani local artisans in their workshop and catch them in action.  Visit Misfah, a pretty mountain village dating back to 1600 years which is still inhabited today.


The Wahiba Sands desert experience is a vast mass of undulating red and white sea of sand and dunes rising up to 200 metres are also host to a variety of flora and fauna. The ever-changing patterns of the dunes are a photographer’s delight. Visit a Bedouin house in this wilderness and enjoy true Omani hospitality with cardamom coffee and fresh dates. In stark contrast to this is Wadi Bani Khalid. A lush small village laced with date palms embedded in the wadi. Wadi Bani Khalid has deep natural blue pools for swimming making it a perfect picnic location.

Kindly note the driving experience to Wahiba sands is approximately 3.5 hours from the resort.

Dune bashing on request in the desert dunes, highly recommended for the adventure seekers.

Swimming permitted at Wadi Bani Khalid, ladies to remain covered while swimming.